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McCade Reclining Sofa


Vacherie Black Reclining Sofa


Stoneland Reclining Sofa


Party Time Power Sofa


Flynn Power Sofa


Langdon Power Sofa


Delma Reclining Sofa


Santini Brown Reclining Sofa


Santini Gray Reclining Sofa


Jesolo Coffee Reclining Sofa


McCain Reclining Sofa


Rayburg Reclining Leather Sofa


Warnerton Power Sofa


Backtrack Power Leather Sofa


Wurstrow Power Reclining Sofa


Angelo Italian Leather Power Sofa


Torretta Chocolate Italian Leather Power Reclining Sofa


Torretta Putty Italian Leather Power Reclining Sofa


Could your living space use reclining sofas? Yes, yes it could. Imagine kicking back and relaxing while taking a nap, binge-watching TV, hanging out with friends and family—the possibilities are endless. So many amazing designs are right here with everything from power reclining to manual reclining sofas to leather. 

Reclining aren’t just used in the living room! Reclining furniture can be a great piece of furniture in the home office, basement, den, media room, and basement. For a home theater room, look for reclining sofas that allow you to sit back and relax in comfort. There are even options with adjustable lumbar support and headrests. But if you want a smaller sofa, look for small scale options and daybeds. Just because it’s a smaller sofa doesn’t mean it’s not comfy! We also have has other options like futons, sectionals, settees, chaise lounges, recliners, and more!